Sunday, July 26, 2009

I ask myself all the big questions, every Sunday.

Ask Katherine. She will tell you about my obsession.
With bicycles.
It's true to a certain extent but not the whole story. It could be said I have a pretty fastidious personality, and thrive at attention to detail but combine this with my ability to doubt every decision I make, and I sometimes find myself going round and round about the simplest task.
This is where bikes help. For all the hours I could spend mulling over paint choices, which wheels to run and the negatives associated with wearing kit that doesn't match, all it takes is five minutes riding to blow everything out of my head. Yesterday's ride made me forget all the problems encountered during a week of work and just now fifteen minutes on the rollers was all it took to convince myself that my worries were too petty to bother with.
All the riding I do has one thing in common. It's fun. Whether it be BMX, riding myself into the ground during training or a simple cafe run. When I start racing it will be on my own terms and is sure to be a lot of fun but maybe the hardest thing I will have done so far.

In my life right now, I am happy. There are things I want to change and opportunities are presenting themselves. I know the people who I should listen to and those who might not have my best interests at heart. There isn't long before Katherine and I go to Italy, which is going to be a 'bike-free week' and an immersion into Italian culture. My money is looking after itself, I have enough to pay my way but not too much to waste or that is burning a hole in my pocket.

Time for a coffee I think.