Saturday, January 19, 2008

Days off were meant to be this good.

It's only lunchtime and already I'm buzzing because today has been so good. Here are few reasons why;

1. Got up early enough to not feel like I'd slept too long but late enough to give me a couple of hours longer than I normally get.

2. Been listening to 'Rocket From The Crypt' since waking up. Do yourself a favour and do the same.

3. Went on a ride around town, for the first time in ages. Great to be back riding fixed, mashing between cars with hood up and tunes blasting (safety first) and finished off with a bag of chips for lunch.

Can only get better too, have some spare time this afternoon to plan for the Artist's Book Fair I'm part of in March, then chill with Katherine and then STEAK for tea.