Monday, June 18, 2007

Bigger, Better, More expensive?

I've done my zines for a year now. It was a goal I set for myself, but I was never in the game just for the money. In fact the price I charge means I barely (or rarely) break even on each issue.
However I can't continue this way. Today I've been crunching the numbers for my latest project. There's a large initial outlay but thats the same with everything. The problem comes deciding what to charge, too much and it won't sell but not enough and I'll lose money. I'm a new artist and have little 'history' but the work I produce is technically flawless and produced by hand at every step. Every print is individually printed by hand from negative and usually done in limited quantities. Just when you think it's sorted there's gallery commission to add on top, which the customer may not realise but usually bumps up the final price.
With any new work there's a certain risk, I am confident my work appeals to the public and will sell, otherwise I wouldn't produce it, but asking other's to have the same confidence and then invest money too, is a very new experience for me.