Monday, November 05, 2012

Sit still.

On a quiet Sunday morning ride yesterday, we had a series of unfortunate events that involved a car traveling too fast on a narrow country lane, which resulted in me leaving my bike at speed and meeting the road with a heavy thud.
What happened after was more like a soap opera and not fit to describe on the internet here but thanks to the kindness of the people around us, we made it back to safety and eventually I found myself spending my Sunday afternoon in York A+E.
To cut a long story short, I find myself with a couple of broken ribs, a nice bump on my head and holes in my knee and shoulder. I wasn't the only one involved but I'm happy to say everyone is fine. My bike (hopefully) just needs a little fettling, Rich wasn't so lucky and will probably need quite a bit of work to get back on the road.
So for the next few days I will be sat here, as still as I can manage - trying not to laugh or sneeze. On the positive side I'm on some rather strong painkillers and plenty of home-baking too, so it's not all bad.