Monday, May 21, 2012


Another wonderful weekend. Family party for my Godson's first birthday, followed by a busy Saturday in the shop. Then I got to achieve a dream I've held for a fair few years - fire a gun.

For my stag do I organised a trip clay pigeon shooting at a range near Masham for some of my closest male family and friends - it was an amazing experience for us all. Half of us had never even touched a gun before, yet after a couple of hours we were hitting more than we missed (almost). At the end of the day I scored the most points in the shootout but still had to do the Stag forfeit - take my trousers off, hang them on the nearest tree and let everyone fire off a round before slipping them back on with a bit less material than before. The looks I got all night in the pub later was worth it, plus I don't think anyone actually believed it had happened.

Today I managed to sleep off any thick head I had then relax in my parents garden with the dog, before having the afternoon with Katherine, a lovely tea then catching up with the weekends MotoGP. Number 46 is back on it.