Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It seems like everything is an advert these days, or people are talking as if their only aim is to sell/endorse/big up a product or company.
A shame but not something to dwell on. In the shop we've had a couple of down to earth days - busy but quiet enough to think. One of the benefits of working in a bike shop is the lunch time service on your own bike. For me today it was tyre swap, new brake pads and a quick fettle for the cross bike.
We don't get paid the most, don't have a lot of holidays and we have no ladder to climb but being a bike mechanic is the best job I've had. We get to create, solve problems, see things from the inside and trade price usually beats any 'online' best deals. Knowing what works and what is just hype is the first step to stepping off the 'consumer super highway'.