Monday, December 19, 2011

Just to recap...

...for those at the back. This is everyday tit for tat, you owe your dealer and can't pay back. Fee. Suddenly he's the baddy, so you tell your mates you could have him anyway to look Geeez but he's a shady fuck - Beamer three series, lock stock and two fat fucks backing him up.

Had an excellent ride yesterday. Needed to be fully embrocated and double-layered all over but more than worth the hour of off-road fun it got me. In an effort to not overlook whats on my doorstep, I went to the usual spot only to find it half covered in frozen puddles. Initial investigation of the frozen landscape weren't good but then new lines and circuits became obvious, which along with the slowly defrosting ground made me re-evaluate somewhere I'd almost written off.
Euro 'cross, Christmas parties, hangovers, talking shit, Christmas shopping and another family roast dinner all made for another 'weekend' I wouldn't have any other way.