Monday, April 25, 2011

We have to ride, yeah.

I read about this guy in Joe Parkin's first book "..Dog in a Hat". He looks exactly as I imagined he would do;
Patrick Cocquyt

Had a great weekend so far. A solo ride round Harrogate, stopping in Knaresborough on Saturday afternoon followed by a meal out at night with my Parents. Yesterday I showed Rich the secret lanes and tried not to get eaten alive by horse flies. Got back in plenty of time to see Phillip Gilbert do the triple and end the spring classics on a massive high.

Also had enough time to organise a few things to get on ebay soon. I hang on to certain pocessions far too much and one of my pet hates is having stuff for cycling and not using it, unless the sentimental value is too much.
I'm at a level now with my bikes where I don't really need anything else. Sure parts will wear out and have to be replaced, and if a set of carbon wheels tough enough to race 'cross on landed in my lap I wouldn't mind but overall I don't want anything.
The Bob Jackson is as good as it gets, my CX bike is going great and the winter bike just keeps crunching out the miles.

"It's not just hitting it with a hammer but knowing where to hit it and how hard."
Dave Yates.