Saturday, March 12, 2011


Another ride today, still on the winter bike even though conditions would have allowed the use of no mudguards. While at work and during many previous rides the conversation often turns to aesthetics of a bike and also the rider, looks will generally be second to function but somethings should be set in stone. This is not one of those lists that frequent the internet relating to how roadies should look - rather just a few points that in my circle of friends should be followed.

- Mountain bike pedals have no place on a road bike.

- In relation to headset spacers, a maximum of 25mm under the stem is allowed. A 5mm spacer above is advised but not critical. Also the stem should be -10 degrees, zero degrees stem are fine too but not a minus angle stem flipped upside down is not.

- Hopefully bartape will be white, the same as the saddle, but if not it should be matched to the main graphic/logo colour of the frame.

- Mudguards will be accompanied by the appropriate size mudflap.

- In an ideal world the bars/stem should be free of any computer etc.

All the turbo work is paying off on the road but still need longer saddle time to get my body used to hours riding again. Unfortunately I got the call that I didn't make the cut for the Seacroft road race so I plan on riding the Fountains Audax, which is an old favourite of mine, plus it does turn into a bit of a race to be in the first group back. Also got the dates of the Summer CX series today, mostly on Wednesday nights so probably pile everyone in the van and hopefully have some fun racing.