Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sometimes Life has a way of feeling like you're putting in massive amounts of effort and not seeing much gain but with everything still moving really fast. For me moving house is like this, and it's only in the last day that things have started coming together.
The best thing is it's starting to feel like home.

For the cycling geeks reading this, the title is 53x12 not 53x11 because I don't use cassettes with an 11 tooth cog. This is because in 'cross I rarely use the 12 so having an 11 is only taking away a gear I could use mid block, and (now really nerdy) on my road racing wheels I use a Campagnolo 12-23 cassette is a straight block through to 19 with 21-23 tagged on the top, the benefit of this is getting an 18 tooth cog, which is missed out if you run a 11-23 cassette. It's a bit old school but 53x18 is a gear I can pedal all day long and 39x18 is a climbing gear which I can push knowing I've got a couple of lesser options should the gradient increase.
Told you it was geeky.