Monday, November 15, 2010

When one door opens another one must close.

Or however the saying goes.

The title is my posh way of saying I'm not racing 'cross anymore this season because we're buying a house! The stress and workload of two undertakings outside work would surely kill me so racing had to go, for this season.
The good news is the new place is very bike racing friendly - outside bike storage, outside tap for muddy bikes and a great mix of quiet roads and trails on the doorstep. Also I'll have a bit more of a commute so base miles won't be a problem.

Of course it's not finalised until we sign on the dotted line but the offer has been accepted, solicitors called into action and mortgage agreed so it's looking promising.
This week I'll also be cannibalising the cross bike for parts for my winter training ride, expect compact chainrings, full mudguards (and mudflaps) but with a hint of PRO white thrown in, with a Turbo saddle of course.