Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a Minor Threat.

Think about what you're saying. Do you believe every word that leaves your mouth? You could well be the only person who cares what you say.

I wrenched on a lovely Ellis Briggs steel audax bike at work today, reminded why I like the colour black for bikes, truly timeless. I predict the touring/audax bike to be the next big thing, cyclocross bikes that can be used for commuting etc are already ten a penny and fixed gears are so 2006! Its a rare treat when a great bike passes through the workshop, it really improves the day whether it be a fancy race machine or just a bike the owner loves and takes care of.
On a related note, I'm loving learning all the 'tricks of the trade'. It's almost something new everyday, not many people can say that.

Reminds me of a saying of my Grandma's;
"We don't have much money but we do see life."

Morning walk