Sunday, June 29, 2008

The pain makes it real.

Originally uploaded by Paper Thin

Today I rode up to Helmsey to watch the road racing National Championships. I planned to take some photos of the day and enjoy the roadside atmosphere. All in all I think the bag I took weighed somewhere in the region of 15kg.
My route included going through Bransby, which I could remember had a steep climb but just how steep I would discover later. The body will do things that at first feel impossible, cycling gives the power to make me feel super human. It's as if suffering gives me strength I didn't know I pocessed. As I climbed today, my bag weighing heavier with each pedal, lactic acid making my muscles burn, all I could focus on was the pain and getting to the top. And then it was over, enjoy a quick rest during the descent and then do it all over again.
It might sound stupid to some people and not that great a way to spend a day off but each of us looks for our own sense of achievement.
I take photos for the same reason. The feeling of seeing a shot on film that is exactly how I imagined it as I took it is incredible. The above photo shows someone else's moment of suffering on Bulmer Bank. This image looks exactly how I wanted it to and therefore a success even before others judge it.
I will continue to take photographs and climb hills on my bike. It's as if pride won't allow me to stop.