Monday, July 16, 2007

More bikes than sense.

Yesterday my Dad and I had a little road trip to South Manchester, to pick up my new bike. Yes another bike, which makes the total for the household four. This one is an 1980's Peugeot Aneto racing bike. I got it from ebay for a sum I considered a bargain at the time, now I've got it home and ridden it though I'm over the moon I bought it. It has Cinelli bar and stem combo with a Campagnolo front hub, which weren't even mentioned in the listing. The shimano groupset is in perfect order and as a bonus its featherlight and goes like a train. I've come to the conclusion the guy who sold it didn't know what he had, it has not been looked after at all but a scrubbing brush and a bit of effort is all that is required.
The back room of the house is looking very cramped already and I haven't even brought my fixed over yet. Today was the first day Katherine rode in York on her's. Sounds corny but it was a very proud moment.
New photos soon.