Sunday, January 07, 2007

Accept makes it hurt less

So i've got used to the idea that we're moving out, infact we got the letter yesterday, so our last day is officially the 4th of February 2007.
This is ill-advised, doing near a 100mph on a wet moterway in the dark.....and taking a photo at the same time.

18:45 94mph
Originally uploaded by Paper Thin.

Cleared the cobwebs away by doing half a dozen laps of Hyde Park on my bike in the rain this morning. I don't understand dog owners that don't give a shit when their stupid dog chases me. I mean i one ever caught up with me it's face would probably get ripped off in the back wheel, not to mention the fact i'd eat shit badly.
I've got a few rides i'd like to do in 2007, firstly Leeds to Illkley on the main Otley road, probably before that i'd do Otley to Skipton and sometime Leeds to Bingley along the Leeds-Liverpool canel.

If anyone ever needs motivation, the easiest way is to listen to these three songs back to back.
'My Right'-Screeching Weasel
'A Declaration of Sorts'-Small Brown Bike
'Modern Life'-Strike Anywhere

Try it.