Friday, May 12, 2006

I am prepared for wonderful things to happen

My life has been so eventful recently its left me with less than no time to tell the internet world about it. Events such as taking just one single photo in the last 2 weeks, the incredible journey from Hyde park to work and back at least half a dozen times a week and writing a short Broadway musical are only the start. Truthfully though safari keeps being a jerk off and not letting me access the site.
I think i'm shooting some photos at my first wedding this weekend, going for the candid black and white portrait shit, mainly cause my family are a nightmare to try and organise. Leave that one to the professional.
I actually have left the house recently to go take in some movies. "Crazy" and "The Squid and The Whale". Crazy was very good, +10 points for being in french and having subtitles. My favourite by far was The squid and the whale, it had Jeff Bridges in and was produced by Wes Anderson (Life Aquatic etc..) The humour was right up my street, very dry and sarcastic. It also contains an amazing beard, a really young kid swearing really fucking harshly and its set in New York.
It probably won't be as long before the next update. Probably.